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Food delivery SAAS

About this project

First phase

Originally, the project was built for cater.ua and was an internal system that integrated together:

  • Several online restraunt websites
  • Internal system used in the restraunt to prepare the orders
  • Part of the system prepared specifically for touch-screens run on the kitchen and used by cookers
  • Part of the system used by carriers

Next steps

Going further, we added a multi-domain option to the system and are currently transforming it into a SAAS application that can be used by any cafe or a restraund to quickly build their own food delivery service - this will include a custom made web store and a back-end system limited to a single domain

About this project
  • Technologies used Laravel, VueJs
  • Project duration 12+ months
  • Project team 4 full-stack developers, 1 QA, 1 PM
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