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Our expertise
Building modern SaaS products is our primary focus. Our SaaS experience includes working with different niches: FoodTech, MarTech, FinTech, E-commerce, RecTech and others.
Minimal viable product. This is something that is usually built to proof the concept of an app. Usually, it’s a version of a software product that can be already used by early customers. When MVP is built, we focus on development speed and main features leaving all the fancy things for the next iterations. This allows you to get the product fast (usually 1-3 months) and start getting real customer feedback straight away.
Well, we all buy something online nowadays. Only consumers within the US spent more than 700 billion USD online last year. From our early days, we focused on e-commerce development and we are much stronger now. We’ll recommend the best platform or take over your existing project and move it to the next level.
In the IT world, time is flying even faster than anywhere else. What seemed solid yesterday, can become outdated tomorrow. Instead of trying to support an outdated legacy code, it’s often better to migrate the functionality to a modern platform. That’s what we do.
Ongoing development
Most of our clients stay with us for years and we really appreciate it. We work hard to compose the project team consisting of the right people with relevant experience and the longer they work together - the better results you get. We support startups, agencies, e-stores from all over the world and treat them as our friends.
Launching your SaaS rocket

Building a successful SaaS project requires a few things combined. Some of them are on your side as a Founder, and others are handled by us as your technical team.

What the Founder brings to the table:

  • Great idea
  • Funding
  • Business domain expertise

What comes from our end:

  • Highly-skilled technical team
  • Well-defined processes
  • Perfect tech stack

We build SaaS “spaceships” that are stable, reliable, and fast.

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Laravel is one of the modern PHP frameworks. We love it for it’s beautiful yet easy to work with architecture, active and large community, infrastructure services and existing packages.
Thanks to Laravel, this front-end JS framework became super popular. We often use it to build beautiful interfaces.
The most popular JS front-end framework to build SPAs (single page applications). Good thing about React is the possibility to build cross-platform solutions with it.
NodeJs seemed to make a small revolution showing the strength of JS when used as a backend tool and we love great solutions!
Flutter is a modern framework that allows to build great cross-platform apps that work on both - iOS and Android
NestJs is a NodeJs framework that provides a structure and features that we use to build great SaaS products.
Patrick Rissi Founder @ Brainie
For startups or any business keen on making the most of their resources without skimping on quality, Valerian and the 2V Modules team are your best bet.

In evaluating the entire project trajectory, the value delivered by 2V Modules for the associated costs was truly remarkable. What stood out most about this company, and particularly under Valerian's leadership, was their ability to consistently balance quality with cost-effectiveness.

Georgi Metodiev Founder @ Recruiticka
They created a great platform without bugs that worked really well and clients were absolutely crazy about it.

2V Modules created a great platform that worked well without bugs. They were friendly, down-to-earth, and hardworking. Their customer service also took the stress off of the client's soldiers.

Daniel Seef Founder @ Krispy
We couldn't be happier with the outcome.

We recently worked with Valerian and his team to build our SaaS product on Laravel, and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. From start to finish, the team was great to work with, and we highly recommend them to anyone in need of Laravel web development services. The agency was highly skilled in Laravel and Vue.js, and they brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to the project. They were able to take our initial concept and turn it into a polished and fully-functional SaaS product, all while staying within our budget and timeline.

Jack Gilbey Founder
They were able to take my idea into a fully functional web and mobile app

I first started working with Valerian and 2V modules when I hardly knew anything about SaaS, I just had an idea. They were able to take my idea into a fully functional web and mobile app. Their team is great and really responsive. I highly recommend working with 2V Modules if you need a development team!

Mark Co-founder,
I was impressed by the speed and level of involvement they've shown

We launched the MVP of our SaaS from scratch in 4 months and successfully served our first clients. Later on, we developed and implemented additional features.

The level of engagement was the most impressive thing. As a founder, you don't really expect that someone will know your product as well as you do, but the 2V team thought about so many details, brought up so many right questions, and helped us not only to build what we want but to build what was really the best. That is impressive and something that totally exceeded our expectations

Paul Founder & CEO @Memorygram
Can't recommend them enough

I cant recommend Valerian and his team enough. Honest, thoughtful, responsive, and professional. He quickly gained a firm understanding of what we were attempting with our product and even gave us some ideas which we had not thought of which helped us in the long run. Cannot recommend them enough!

Marco Pirrongelli CTO at Mercury Cash
The way they feel and understand the customer needs, they stop being 2V modules to become an arm of your business.

2V Modules is a company responsible for what they offer, even when they had employees that had to leave because of COVID they immediately took action to remediate the issue. Always organized to understand our needs and their project planner took the time to coordinate with ours to fulfill objectives as expected. Provided additional support at no cost to fix bugs found later in the modules they created.

Robin Ebers founder at Dune21
I'll never be looking for another developer agency again

I worked with 2V Modules on a recent project of mine. Valerian assigned me one of his developers which he thought would be a good fit. And boy was he right! Ruslan, who I worked with over several weeks, has proven to be very knowledgeable in the Laravel Ecosystem, as well as additional frameworks such as TailwindCSS and TailwindUI. I was also assigned a project manager (Alena).

If all of Valerian's employees are like Ruslan & Alena, I'll never be looking for another developer agency again.

David Manager at
My go-to guys for high level, complex development tasks

While Valerian and the team over at 2V modules help us on all sorts of development tasks on the site, they have helped us with some of the more complex ones that other developers couldn't handle... faster, less expensive, and with better results. Highly recommended.

Tim Delhaes Inboundlabs, founder
Highly recommended!

Matteo CTO at 3d scanning startup
Another successful project

Working with Valerian and his team was a great experience. They have exceptional expertise on e-commerce frameworks and have always been extremely receptive to reviewing the implementation to add small additional features. It was a pleasure to work with 2V Modules, and we are already preparing new collaborations with them.

Chad Founder at credit dispute startup
Excellent work

They work fast and i'm very happy. Thanks for your time. If you are considering hiring this team, don't hesitate, they will complete the work on time and in budget to a very high standard.

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