A SaaS product that helps e-commerce businesses to manage inventory that comes from different sources

Inventorize – SAAS solution that allows working with multiple suppliers, upload feeds of any format (CSV, XML, plain text, etc.) and source (FTP, emails, API, EDI). The idea is that the owner of an online store that works with different vendors can receive aggregated data from them in a single stream.

Timeline2020 - 2021
Core TechnologiesLaravel, VueJs, ElasticSearch
ServicesProject discovery, Front-end, Back-end, UX/UI design, SaaS development
Team4 Full-stack Developers
Strategic Discovery
  • Market research
  • Competitors analysis
  • Requirements collection


  • 30-days free post-launch support
Main Objectives
Main Objectives

Keeping prices up to date, keeping stock levels up to date, disabling goods that have run out. In other words, the ability to work with a large number of products with the certainty that all the data on the site is up to date.

Project Description
Project Description

The platform has detailed settings for parsing from each source. It is also possible to save a parsing template. After parsing, you can see the Parsed Products section. In this tab you can see the data and make sure that the process went correctly. The Mapping tab is used for the categorization of products in the online store. The list of vendor categories may differ from the structure on your site and this is not a problem during import. There is also customizable logic rules, through which goods from different suppliers are combined into a single catalog of products. Automatic price adjustment is available too. For example, you can put the price by 20% more than the supplier.

Application Main Features
Application Main Features
  • Multiple suppliers support;
  • Import feeds and automatic updates on multiple channels - your store (Prestashop, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc.), Amazon, eBay, Etsy;
  • Intuitive mapping screen allowing you to import any feed yourself in 10 minutes;
  • Setting up multiple strategies that describe a set of rules used for product updates;
  • Sync orders from your store with dropshipping suppliers;
  • Prestashop module.


MarkCo-founder @ Inventorize.io
I was impressed by the speed and level of involvement they've shown.

We launched the MVP of our SaaS from scratch in 4 months and successfully served our first clients. Later on, we developed and implemented additional features. The level of engagement was the most impressive thing. As a founder, you don't really expect that someone will know your product as well as you do, but the 2V team thought about so many details, brought up so many right questions, and helped us not only to build what we want but to build what was really the best. That is impressive and something that totally exceeded our expectations.

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