UI & UX design for a blockchain game-changing marketplace for ticket sellers

Chaintix is a convenient platform for buying tickets to the hottest events. The platform gives an opportunity to work with leading concert and festival organizers to provide the customers with a wide selection of tickets for every taste.

TimelineJun 2023 - Aug 2023
TeamUX/UI Designer, DesignTeam Lead
Reserch Competitors
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  • Compare advantages
  • Apply improvements
Low Fidelity Wireframes
  • Create templates for all required screens
  • Think through the user flow
High Fidelilty Wireframes
  • Create the best UX, including app's distinctive features
UI & Clickable Prototypes
  • Add colours and images to the screens
  • Prepare clickable prototypes
  • Project demostration

The users will find information about upcoming concerts, dates and venues, and can also buy tickets in a few clicks. Chaintix offers various ticket categories so that everyone can choose the most suitable option: from simple standing places to VIP boxes and boxes.

Enhanced UX and UI
Enhanced UX and UI

Design's main task was to create a unique atmosphere that will attract both customers and organizers. The color scheme was chosen to be bright and saturated to attract the attention of users. Using photos and images of famous musicians and bands also adds dynamism and energy to the design. It would be a shame not to highlight the main platform feature - all users are able to sign up with their crypto wallets as well as pay with them!

  • Increasing the experience of introducing crypto wallets into the marketplaces functionalities
  • Achieving eye-catching colourful yet modern design
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