A custom-built financial educational SaaS platform that increased conversion and engagement rates

Brainie is a SaaS platform that provides an interactive form of knowledge memorization with different types of user access, which opens up additional functionalities to prepare for the CFA Institute exam as well as others. The platform administrator can manage the database of questions and publish new quizzes anytime.

TimelineSep 2022 - Jul 2023
Core TechnologiesMUI, AWS,PHP 8.1, PostgreSQL 14 (RDS), Swoole (PHP Server with Async IO), Laravel Framework (System), Graphql (API), Laravel Nova (Admin web frontend)
ServicesProject discovery (Analytics), Front-end, Back-end, UX/UI design, SaaS development
Team4 Software Developers, 2 UX/UI Designers, 2 Business Analysts, 1 QA Engineer, 1 Project Manager
  • Requirements collection
  • Competitors analysis
  • Documentation creation (User Strory Specifications, Admin Manual)
Design Implementation
  • User Flow elaboration
  • Low Fidelity Wireframes creation
  • High Fidelity Wireframes creation (UX)
  • UI and prototypes delivery
  • Setup project environment
  • Design and Develop an API
  • Build Mockups
  • Connect API
  • Study the specifications
  • Write test cases
  • Perform API testing
  • Conduct regression testing and smoke testing
  • Create tasks with error descriptions and retest after fixing
  • 30-days free post-launch support
  • Ongoing application improvement based on client's requests
Project Description
Project Description

Brainie is not just a simple e-learning tool - it is a tool that guides Users from the very beginning and supports them with additional features so that Users get the highest score on the exams. Brainie platform is already in high demand - more and more students are showing interest and trust in the platform in preparing for their future exams!

Application Main Features
Application Main Features
  • Timeline: helps users to prepare for the CFA exam;
  • Dashboard: provides the overall score, session time, course progress, chapter score, and chapter progress statistics;
  • Study Tips and Summary Notes: PDF files;
  • Chapters: a separate entity with questions. Mock exam chapters provide a timer feature. Each question has multiple answers option and adds to the bookmarks function;
  • Bookmarks: provides those questions which were bookmarked by the User. It is possible to create separate test out of bookmarks;
  • Ask The Tutor: live chat function which helps Users to communicate with tutors and solve problems. Live chat is implemented via Intercom service;
  • Profile: the User can manage their profile and notifications as well as view payment history. Payment is implemented via Stripe Link service. Email notifications are implemented via Sendgrid.
  • Successful platform launch within 9 months
  • Continuous application support
  • Continuous application improvement
Patrick RissiFounder @ Brainie
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