Top 3 Prestashop plugins you need

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  • Posted11/18/2020

We’re listing the most popular prestashop plugins that definitely worth installing.

Being a web-development agency with a narrow focus on e-commerce and custom integrations, we work with Prestashop a lot. Based on almost 10 years of experience, we found that there are several essential plugins any Prestashop store owner should consider.

While Prestashop is a solid and really nice CMS for a small or middle-sized store, there are certain drawbacks it has which can be solved by existing plugins.

1. Checkout page improvements

Standard Prestashop checkout has evolved from being very-very user-unfriendly in PS 1.4 to being pretty nice in the latest Prestashop 1.7. However, it’s still far from being ideal.

Modules that we could recommend to improve the conversion rate and user experience:

  • One Page Checkout PS aka onepagecheckoutps
  • One Page Checkout, Social Login & Mailchimp by KnowBand aka supercheckout

Both modules can be found on the official Prestashop addons marketplace here

2. Site speed improvements

As you know, site speed is one of the most important factors that affects everything – SEO rankings, user experience and conversion rate. Having a fast website means having more sales.

Basic speed improvements can be done with a list of different Prestashop plugins including:

  • Page Cache ultimate
  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Super Speed

Here’s the official PS marketplace where you can find those plugins. Based on our experience, none of those plugins was enough to rich the green zone of Google Pagespeed. If you want to achieve that and be ahead of your competitors in Google rankings, please contact us – we know how to make your website blazing-fast.

3. Improve search and navigation

The last but not the least is user navigation. Default PS search is not the best option. We highly recommend using a 3rd party solution based on Elasticsearch. That way your customers get search results they expect and number of sales grows rapidly!

Here are couple of options, any of those can be used, you might need some assistance in setting up the Elasticsearch engine itself, but it definitely worths it!

Other navigation option that our clients are often asking for – Glossary-like navigation page or overlay showing the list of brands or categories.

We have developed a special Prestashop module that allows you to build this kind of page in several clicks.

Please meet Brand Glossary ABC plugin.

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