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There is an SEO article on every other blog talking about doing it right. We, however, decided to answer a simple question «What is SEO and How it Works».

What is SEO? A Very Broad Definition

It’s not always easy – breaking down complex terms and bringing them to a simple explanation, which is exactly what we are going to attempt now.

A very broad explanation would define search engine optimization (SEO) as a set of activities aimed at bringing your website up to the search engine standards, thus, leading to your website ranking higher on the search engine results page under certain keywords, which, in turn, leads to more organic (non-paid) traffic.

Phew! That was tough to write, let alone read and comprehend. Hold on, we will go deeper in just a second.

Three Different Sides of SEO

Three Different Sides of SEO

SEO is a multi-faceted term and it can mean any of the three categories mentioned below, all of which are key to the understanding of SEO.

1. SEO as a Marketing Discipline

It is indeed one! Any online marketer would confirm the fact that no website marketing campaign is complete without proper SEO. Here, SEO is all about reaching certain marketing goals like conversion rate, amount of daily traffic, number of leads, etc.

2. SEO as a Technical Task

Despite being closer to marketing than anything else, SEO does involve a lot of technical, development tasks.

The foundation of a website SEO is built when the site is under development. It is during this time that one can avoid (or, as it often turns out, not avoid) the most common mistakes.

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